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Current Game log

What is the current status of Diamonds for Water? Check here to see where the game stands in the production cycle.

Little Games Blog

Fun little games from yesteryear--this blog may be out of date, but our game cred goes back quite a ways!

Game links

Where do you find your games? This is an ever-growing list of the places we go for our own play and inspiration.


What do you love? Here are some of our favorite things.

Las Cruces Community Theatre
Las Cruces Community Theatre
Pens of the West writers group (no link)
Local writers group
Online board games


Who we are. Who we work with. Join us?

Buddy the best doggo VP of them all - large black lab mix with a white soul patch under his lower lip

Sarah (& Buddy)

I'm the game developer/media specialist/PhD in water policy/writer/gamer/thespian behind the big idea for Big Girl Games. Together with my trusty doggo sidekick, I am developing games and looking for ways to encourage other game designers who are off the beaten path. We think everyone should game!

Paint brushes in artistic setting

The Artists

My three main artists, Timothy Bryan Burns of Kuroverse, Gayla Graham of G. Graham Design, and Bridgette Hoshont'ombe represent the kind of talent I seek out. Learn more about them here.

Green and mauve colored pencils artfully arranged


As we kick off this first game, we have lots of ideas for future play - and maybe you do as well! Let us know if you'd like to join the team with a game design, as a future artist, post a review to Little Games Blog, or in another role. The success of our first Kickstarter will help us make decisions on future games and their design teams.