Diamonds for Water

The world is in a water crisis! Water is scarce everywhere, but the problems that face different regions are as diverse as the people and cultures and environments they effect.

Diamonds for Water takesĀ  real world water problems and turns them into a cooperative game for the whole family. Play as one of five experts (six, if our stretch goals are met!) who has specific skills and abilities to deal with the scarcity, the conflict, the food and energy needs, and even the negotiating. Use water, diamonds and energy to resolve your game goals, but get it done before the countdown marker reaches 0!

Each scenario is a little more brutal, but there are new cards to help you manage the problem. Want to know more? Keep watching here for game logs, our Kickstarter, a chance to beta test, special events, and more!

Although this is not the first game I’ve ever designed, it is the first offering from Big Girl Games. Our next game will start development this fall.