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Board Games

I mean, seriously, if you’re HERE, you probably already have an account. You can’t board game without BGG. I have to admit I’m partial to written reviews and I appreciate what I get at this site.

If you haven’t yet discovered this fun and nerdy site or Youtube channel, please check it out! Brian is so funny and his reviews are great. I am honored and delighted Cloak and Meeple is previewing Diamonds for Water!

Ferdinand hasn’t been in the review game long, but he has put in the work to build a following and hone his professional skills. I’m so excited to have a Cardboard Stacker preview coming!

I enjoy Logan Chops Reviews because not only do they game play and preview videos, they also provide interviews with board game designers. It’s the perfect blend of nerdy goodness and fun learning. I’m so psyched they are previewing my game!

pandemic play

Here’s where you can catch me playing board games online these days, username: dsrtrosy.


Board Game Arena

Tabletop Simulator

Casual gaming

With nearly a decade of casual online game reviews, this is my go to for quick and casual computer fare. I also reviewed here, back in the day. Look for the “dsrtrosy” tag!

This site has some of the best online casual games in the world. I have lost many a long hour playing Gemcraft and the Sonny games here.

My cute little review site may be out of date, but we were doing good work! I keep hoping someone will come along to help me get it going it going again. Reviews are better with two.